Thursday, July 17, 2014

Warm Floorboards

When I was in Maine, I had a great privilege of visiting the Olson House.

The Olson House was where the famous painter Andrew Wyeth would spend his summers working on his art near the sea.

Many of his paintings were scenes from this area, and the house itself is featured in his most famous piece, "Christina's World."

There it is, in the top corner
I had a really nice time strolling through the now-empty house, looking at the views that inspired him long ago. Here are some pictures from the house, which was incredibly charming:

<soundtrack: this lovely song by Múm>

One of the first views I had was of this window, which was featured in a gorgeous painting of his:
Same window, 50 years apart.

There was a great daisy garden right in front of that window

Shells were placed all over the house, but the walls were empty otherwise.

The floorboards were creaky, and had been warmed by the sun.
Just look at how worn the paint is on the floor and the door. It was beautiful. 
Many rooms in the large house had only a chair in them.

The wallpaper was peeling beautifully in one of the rooms.

The stairs looked like they were never fully finished.
Many of the rooms had blue floors, which Christina Olson (the owner of the house) nicknamed "Wyeth Blue," in reference to the random splashes of blue color in his paintings. 

More peeling paint.
 I must say, it gave such a great feel to the house.

Some old spectacles

Doesn't it look lovely? I really wish I could live there.

So if any of you are in Maine, or will be in the future, I highly recommend checking out the Olson House. It's a great way to spend a rainy day! They have books of his painting in some of the rooms, and you could spend hours there.

Here is my favorite painting of his, called "The Wind From the Sea" :

 I just can't believe that he did this in watercolor. Just look at that detail! It's practically breathing.

Oh, and I also feel like mentioning that my aunts, who have always lived on the East Coast, met Andrew Wyeth in person before he passed away. They were friends with the Olson family, and he was visiting one day and they got to sit and talk with him. How great is that?

Anyway, that's all!

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  1. 'Shells were placed all over the house, but the walls were empty otherwise.' I like that. These are really lovely photographs :)